Yesterday, Microsoft announced yet another way to save money when purchasing multiple licenses of Windows Vista.  With the release of Vista, we’ve seen Microsoft take extra steps to make Vista more accessible to consumers with multiple purchasing options.

The new way to save money is called the “Windows Vista Additional License Program.” This program will help people save money by giving them 10% off of suggested retail prices when they purchase additional licenses, provided that they have purchased a full or upgrade version of Windows Vista from retail, or pre-installed on a new machine.

While it doesn’t seem like a lot, the savings will definitely add up if you have multiple computers that you’d like to install Vista on, and users will be able to use that 10% discount for up to five additional licenses.

To put this in perspective, if you need to purchase three additional copies of Home Premium at $239, your savings would be $71. If you needed to purchase 4 additional copies of Vista Ultimate at $399 each, your savings would be $159.

You may recall a previous discount program that was announced earlier this year called the Family pack. It’s yet another more affordable way for multiple computer households to make the upgrade. The deal is, if you purchase Vista Ultimate for $399, you can get two licenses for Home Premium for $49.99 each.

It’s nice to see that Microsoft is willing to make things a bit easier for people as multiple computer households are not that uncommon.  However, I think Microsoft needs to take another look at their upgrade pricing, because as it stands, upgrading is more expensive than purchasing it right from the start.