Given that today is Blog Action Day we’re supposed to write about how you can “live green.” Well, we also thought it would be fitting to try and save you some green today! ;)

If our U.S. readers didn’t get in on the last 30GB Zune for $100 deal on Woot about two weeks ago, then there is yet another chance! Quantities this time around are probably pretty limited so you better jump on it quick, and they have multiple colors available: black, white, and the notorious brown.

As always, it is hard to put it better than Woot themselves:

Tonight, I ask all men, women, and transgendered individuals of good will to join me in forging a new deal. Under our Zune Relief Act, thousands of Zune 30GB Digital Media Players will be made available to the public at a nominal cost. From the shores of Kansas to the mountains of Florida, the downtrodden will navigate through up to 30GB of music and movies on 3″ LCD screens, and watch video on those very screens. […] And thanks to the generosity of Microsoft, every Zune buyer will have access to the functionality of the Zune 2 at no additional cost.

The Zune 2 release date is set for sometime in November, but the original Zune (the one on sale at Woot) will be getting a lot of the same features via a software upgrade. So this is honestly one heck of a deal!

Get your 30GB Zune for $100