Save Yourself Big Bucks On eBay With TypoTrackerA friend just informed me of this nice tool called TypoTracker that will allow you to search for an item on eBay. Searching with this is a little sneaky because it will allow you to search for misspellings of the item you are looking for. How will that benefit you? This means that you can search for items and find listings that normal people searching on eBay can’t find. You can save yourself big money by using this tool.

An example of a misspelling would be “Compq” instead of “Compaq”. Oh the possibilities! :D

You will find that misspellings are not that frequent on eBay (compared to the number of listings) but you just might find that item you are looking for and get it at a drastically reduced price.

TypoTracker Homepage

UPDATE: I have also been informed that Fat Fingers has a nice searching tool similar to TypoTracker. Play with them both and see which one you like the best.