20gb_ps3Sony has made the ultimate decision to discontinue the 20GB version of their Playstation 3 in North America.  While it was the cheaper model, consumers so far have shown that they prefer the 60GB model.

The price for the 20GB version was $500 which made it $100 cheaper than the larger version which also included Wi-Fi.  This really comes as no surprise because the 20GB model wasn’t selling very well in North America, and wasn’t even offered to European Playstation fans.

I guess if consumers are going to spend that much on a game console, they might as well go all the way and pay extra to get the beefed-up version?

Stores that still have the 20GB model will be allowed to sell them until they’re gone.  Which means, if you’ve had your eye on one, you better make your move fast.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Surprisingly, Sony says that the demand for the 60GB model was 90 percent in North America. Nine out of every ten consumers wanted the bigger model, and because of that, there’s really no need for Sony to continue offering the 20 GB model. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed it was as high as 90 percent.

This just shows, consumers are definitely willing to pay for their technology.

Source: GameIndustry.biz