Ios remote potato

About a year ago I wrote about a complimentary application for Windows Media Center called Remote Potato. Since then the program has continued to improve at a great pace, and the developer even put together a $7 iOS app (iTunes Link). While the iOS app isn’t free there is still a web-interface that you won’t have to pay for, and you’ll still get most of the benefits. If you’re using Android or Windows Phone 7 there are also some third-party apps available.

The reason why Remote Potato has become so crucial to me is because I never seem to be at home when I remember that there is a television show I wanted to record. Since Remote Potato is always running as a service on my PC I’m able to schedule a recording from just about anywhere. Plus there is always the added benefit of being able to stream a show to your device that is saved on your home computer.

Remote Potato recently rolled out version 1.0, and I’d recommend all Media Center users at least try it out. Here are some of the new things you’ll find in this release:

  • Fully seekable streaming video to web browsers.
  • Fully seekable streaming video to iPhone/iPad.
  • Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. (not including Media Center functions)
  • Picture Library Slideshow
  • ‘Infra Red’ Remote Control: control Windows Media Center from supported clients
  • Video library browser – stream any videos in most major formats. (e.g. AVI files, MP4 files)
  • Add any folders you’d like to share video/pictures/TV

Remote Potato Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)