NOD32 Eset Security Suite v3
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I have been addicted to using Eset’s NOD32 Antivirus for a long time. It has never let anything through (that I know of :) ) and uses so few resources that I hardly even know it is running. I was browsing their beta forum when I noticed that someone had posted a screenshot of what NOD32 v3 (version 3) is going to look like.

Well, actually there will be two different versions available: NOD32 Antivirus and the Eset Security Suite. They are finally stepping out of the “antivirus only” ring by offering a top-notch spyware and firewall alternative to users. They will still be offering NOD32 as a standalone antivirus solution as well for anyone who doesn’t want all of the new goodies.

The screenshot shows that the interface has had a nice overhaul. This version actually looks like it will be user friendly so that they can branch out to more than just the computer literate people. Don’t get me wrong, I like the interface in 2.5 but it looked like it was designed for Windows 95. You gotta look good to attract new customers because not everyone cares about what’s under the hood (even though that is what matters with an antivirus program).

People in the forums are saying that we should see a release of this software towards the end of this year and probably just in time for Windows Vista. Unfortunately there has been no Beta version released to test out at this point and no pricing details have been announced.

I have to admit that this will be one piece of software that I will anxiously be waiting for.