Last week we wrote about some terrific rulers for both Windows and Macs, but it looks like we missed a top-notch alternative. Nate pointed out in the comments that a free app called Rulers is his favorite option for Macs, but it turns out that there is also a Windows variant that works exactly the same way. Now how sweet is that?

Rulers, despite the name, does a lot more than just measure stuff. Checkout the video below for the features in action, but here’s a list of what it can do:

  • Unlimited rulers creation
  • Multiple units of measurement support
  • Multi monitor support
  • Take a screenshot of selected area or whole screen
  • Magnifier
  • Color picker (RGB and Hex)

The screenshot tool is rather interesting in how it works. You basically create a bunch of measurement points on the screen, and it will let you take a screenshot of each area where your points intersect. You kind of have to see how it works in the video to really understand it.

Overall this is definitely one of the more clever free applications that I have seen because of how it bundles so many nice features into one package.

Get Rulers for Windows or Mac
Thanks Nate!