Windows Mobile I haven’t heard much about the next version of Windows Mobile but Gizmodo found out about this site who had a few screenshots of the new mobile operating system. It looks pretty slick from the few screenshots that were available and it is obvious that they were aiming for a Windows Vista look and feel.

I am a little shocked that the Windows Logo hasn’t been replaced with the Windows Orb because Microsoft should try to make it the new universal “Start” symbol. The Orb looks so cool and it would be awesome to have in Windows Mobile.

The new Windows Mobile, codenamed Crossbow, is also supposed to work flawlessly and effortlessly with Office 2007 (just like everything is supposed to). I imagine that the new Windows Mobile Device Center that was just exposed a few days ago may give Windows Vista an edge when it comes to synchronizing your mobile device with software such as Office 2007.

Windows Mobile Crossbow is scheduled for release towards the end of this year and should start appearing on phones in early 2007.