Harry PotterScribd is becoming very well known as the YouTube for documents and presentations, but in some ways that may not be a good thing. They have thousands of user-generated content on the site and 4.2 million views on their documents. They also have countless copyrighted works that are freely available for you to view or even download…and they aren’t exactly legal.

If you begin perusing around the site you may see exactly what I’m talking about. For starters there is a Harry Potter book collection that has 1587 pages and includes four of the Harry Potter books. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to read up on the “Getting Things Done” by David Allen…that’s on there too.

Searching to find exactly what you’re looking for can take some time, so you may want to checkout the collections of books that users put together. There are currently collections setup for things like programming, Linux, Web 2.0, and even O’reilly books. There are plenty of copyrighted works in many of the collections…so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

This is going to spell some serious trouble for Scribd later on down the road. YouTube has already begun to feel the wrath of having users upload copyrighted material, and book publishers will more than likely be going after Scribd as they become more aware that the service exists. After all, Scribd not only lets you view the book but they also let you download it in a variety of formats.

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