Chrome bookmark search

Last month we covered a great Chrome extension that makes all of your bookmarks available under a single icon in the Chrome toolbar. I primarily used it for fast access to the bookmarks I’d ordinarily place on the bookmarks toolbar, and by using the extension I was able to hide that toolbar thereby giving me a little extra website-viewing space. As a commenter on that article pointed out (thanks DarkStar!) if you have hundreds of bookmarks using something with a search function may work out better. His personal recommendation was Atomic Bookmarks.

This extension is pretty slick. You can fully navigate all of your bookmarks regardless of whether they are tucked away in subfolders, it provides easy access to recently used bookmarks, and it has its own built-in edit window for making changes to your bookmarks. More importantly, however, is the search functionality. It is a find-as-you-type search that is extremely fast and in the few weeks I’ve been using the extension I’ve felt that it has really saved me some time. I no longer have to click through folders trying to find where I might have put my bookmark to the Knight Rider fan club (I’m kidding… it’s already my homepage).

You might be thinking that the search functionality isn’t that important since typing in Chrome’s Omnibar will also pull results out of your bookmarks, but the search functionality in Atomic Bookmarks works much better. Chrome’s Omnibar won’t match, for example, the middle of a word that is in the title of your bookmark whereas Atomic Bookmarks has no issues handling that.

If you’re a bookmark junkie I highly recommend installing Atomic Bookmarks for Chrome. It’s become one of my must-have extensions, and I have to thank DarkStar for mentioning it in our comments!

Atomic Bookmarks Chrome Extension