Regex file search

A few months ago I wrote about a grep utility for Windows called AstroGrep that provided an interface for using the popular grep search command on a Windows machine. Fred left a comment on that post letting us know of an excellent alternative called grepWin that I’ve been enjoying even more than AstroGrep.

One of the key differences for me is that grepWin is capable of not only scouring files and their contents for whatever you can throw at it, but it can also replace the matching text with something else. Plus you can have it create backup files that you can rollback to if there is an issue with the find/replace operation, which is something Notepad++ is not capable of doing.

If you take a minute to look at the screenshot above you can see that the developer of the app really put a lot of thought into the features that would be needed to make this a real power-user app. The one thing that caught me off-guard was that there was no portable download readily available from the download page, which for me is a pretty big deal for a tool like this. I poked around though and found this wiki page for the app that says you can include /portable as a parameter to have it store the INI settings file in the same directory that the executable file is located in. So you’ll have to install it at least once, but after that you can grab the executable file and run it with the portable switch.

Oh, and if you’re a developer you might be interested in checking out how to integrate it into Visual Studio.

grepWin Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)