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Most current operating systems include some sort of indexed file searching functionality, and with that you can often get instant results back on any query you perform. As I pointed out a few weeks ago those tools still leave some things to be desired… especially when dealing with searching the contents of files for some particular text.

FileSeek falls in line with the MariusSoft File Searcher in that it does a great job searching the contents of any file you desire. Both are free utilities that don’t require any files to be indexed prior to kicking off a search, and they are pretty fast at getting results. Both also let you use regular expressions to search for text in a file, but FileSeek is the only one that has Windows Explorer context menu integration. If you regularly perform file searches that can become quite useful.

Here are some of the features highlighted by the developer:

  • Search for text string matches inside any kind of file
  • Match Regular Expressions inside any kind of file
  • Search a folder and all of it’s sub-folders
  • Match 1 or more file patterns, like *.jpg, file?.txt or anything else you can imagine
  • Exclude 1 or more file patterns from your search, like *.exe or *.dll
  • Filter results by the last modified date
  • Never indexes files in the background

When you go to grab the download you may overlook the tiny text underneath the download button that offers a version without an installer. That’s the version I tend to lean towards, but you can always grab the installer version if you want all the shortcuts and stuff to be created for you. It’s free either way you decide to go.

FileSeek Homepage (Windows only; 32/64-bit compatible; Freeware)