It’s been almost a year since Google acquired Neven Vision for face recognition, and finally we see one way how Google is putting it to good use. Google Blogoscoped just pointed out a new “unofficial” feature with Google images that will allow you to search specifically for faces.

It’s not an official way for now, but that ought to be coming soon.  If it were an official method, they’d have a button to click, however that’s not the case.  For now this method involves adding a few additional characters to the URL.


For example, I went to Google Image Search and did a search for “Google.” It pulled up a variety of images (example above) that involved Google, as expected. To get the faces, all I did was add &imgtype=face to the existing URL. The result was a page full of Google faces (Sergey, Larry) and others (example below).


This is what my URL ended up looking like once I added the additional characters to the URL:

Searching faces isn’t the only new method for searching Google Images. You can also search for items pertaining to the news. I’m not quite sure what exactly Google means by news and what all is included, but once this is official they’ll probably offer an explanation. All you have to do is complete your search, and then in the URL add &imgtype=news.


Above are the images that it returned and if you notice, the images come from sources like the New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, and a handful of blogs.

If you’d like to give it a quick try without going to Google Images, just use this form below and enter in any search term. Select whether you want the normal, faces, or news image results.