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One of my favorite features in Vista/Windows 7 is the built-in search utility. It makes finding things a lot faster, and in some cases it can even search the content of a file. By default, however, it supports a limited number of file types when it comes to searching a file’s content, but that is where the MariusSoft File Searcher comes in.

This application doesn’t require that you index the files on your computer before hand, and it is surprisingly fast. For example, I was searching for some code in ASPX files and it took just a few seconds to sift through a few thousand files spread out across hundreds of different directories. Granted only about 30% of them were actually ASPX files, but it was impressive nonetheless.

Here are a list of features for File Searcher:

  • Search multiple locations at once
  • Filter file by name/extenstion using simple text or regular expressions
  • Filter file creation/access/modify dates within date range
  • Search files for multiple content criteria
  • Search for simple text or regular expressions
  • Support for popular formats including PDF, Office, HTML, RTF, TXT, and many more
  • View results in notepad, open containing folder, or open file in native program
  • All results are sortable
  • Multi threaded to take advantage of multi core CPUs

If you’re simply looking to search filenames I’d stick with the built-in searching capabilities of Windows 7, but between the speed and file compatibility I’d say this blows away all of the native content search capabilities. Take it for a spin if you find yourself looking for some text inside of files.

MariusSoft File Searcher (Windows only; Freeware)