Google News Archive Search.pngYesterday Google announced something that will be hard for anybody to find fault with, simply because it is pretty beneficial to the masses. What they are doing is taking the time to team up with various newspaper publishers to get some of the old newspapers scanned in and available online. This means if there’s something you are interested in learning more about or researching from a date three, even four decades ago, you can.

On the Google Blog they explain that you’ll be able to do more than just search the papers. They say, “you’ll also be able to browse through them exactly as they were printed — photographs, headlines, articles, advertisements and all.” They had already started digitizing newspapers from the New York Times and the Washington Post back in 2006, but now there are many, many more publications involved. One newspaper involved has been around for over 244 years which is simply amazing and should give some great insight as to what life was like in 1764.

You can view these old news articles by visiting the Google News Archive which can be found here. All you do is enter in a search term and click either “Search Archives” or “Show Timeline” which is a nice feature as well.