Google Calendar Public Search

Yay for new features! Google Calendar now lets you search public events by name, city/town, or by the date that an event occurs. The search is pretty logical because it uses public calendars to retrieve the information and it also searches a few partners to show you movie listings and concerts. Here is what the Google Blog has to say about the new feature:

So whether you’re interested in broadway, movies, art, music, photography, farmer’s markets, Knicks basketball (we love ’em in NY) or even good old dumpster diving, we hope you find this new feature useful. If you don’t see your favorite event, add it to a public calendar and share it with the world.

If you’re a dumpster diver then there are some events for you. :)

It is great the Google keeps adding new features but I think they need to consider what is really important: service integration and offline compatibility. The first thing and the most criticized with Google is that they have so many services but they are all treated separately. Google needs to find a way to bring them together so that more users can be made aware that they even exist.

Also, Google would surely dominate many markets if they created an offline desktop application for their services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Notebook, and several others. That way users could add events to their calendar or read their email without having to worry about being online. Come on Google…take your services offline and bring all of your applications together!