Everyone has seen the classic globe that can be found in nearly all classrooms around the World. One thing is for sure and it’s that you haven’t seen one of these in a standard classroom! This 4D globe is the most unique way to view the World that I have ever seen.

It may look like your standard globe because you can put your hands on it and spin it around until your heart is content. However, it utilizes a projection system to display the images on the otherwise blank sphere. It will then recognize your hand movements to simulate a spinning motion.

And that isn’t all! About 2 minutes into the video above you will see why this is a 4D globe! You can rotate the outer ring and it will start to take you back in time. You will see how the Earth has evolved and if you really want to you can peal the crust off of the Earth and go all the way to the core! If you are into weather tracking then you will particularly find the 4D globe quite amazing with its abilities to project live satellite imagery onto the sphere.

Since it does use projection based images you can also view other planets, moons, or even the Sun. Now think back to history class in elementary school…how cool would it have been to have one of these!

News Source: Information Aesthetics