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eBay has really got their work cutout for themselves this time. They have decided, as expected, that it’s time to block sellers from leaving neutral or negative feedback for buyers. Oh, and to make matters even worse they are now counting neutral feedback left by buyers as a negative when calculating the feedback score, which is sure to drop the score of many sellers. A lot of sellers have turned the other cheek when eBay has jacked up their fees, but I think this move could very well be the tipping point.

I was reading through the eBay forum and sellers are already complaining about the negative feedback they are receiving. One instance in particular occurred from a new member who was going around purchasing things at random, and then instantly leaving negative feedback. That member was obviously suspended from eBay, and the negative feedbacks were removed, but this is the type of nonsense that sellers will now have to deal with. Plus there’s always the possibility of extortion, but eBay supposedly has that under control:

If a buyer uses the threat of negative Feedback to demand more than what was promised in the item description (e.g. wants overnight delivery but only paid for standard delivery) the seller should immediately report the buyer to eBay.

If there is clear evidence of extortion eBay will take action typically on a first offense. If a buyer shows a pattern of malicious behavior, eBay will most likely suspend the buyer. If we suspend the buyer, any negative or neutral Feedback the buyer has left for sellers will be removed.

I’m not a huge fan of what they’re doing here, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a large number of sellers looking for other alternatives.

eBay Feedback Changes Details [via Download Squad]