Send links chrome ios android

Google has long offered an awesome way for Android users to share links from the desktop to a mobile device. The Chrome to Phone extension is something I’ve wanted for a while on iOS, but I figured Google wasn’t going to make an effort to bring it to iOS. What I didn’t realize was that it was released a couple months ago as long as you have Chrome for iOS installed.

You’ll find the extension you need under a new name… Chrome to Mobile. It works with Chrome on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. After you’ve installed the extension in the desktop version of Chrome you should see a new phone-like icon appear in the address bar as you navigate around the web (see screenshot above). If you click the icon it will show you a list of devices that you are able to send the link to, and it also includes a checkbox so that you can send over the data from the page for offline viewing.

Once you pass a link over to your device it will instantly popup. On an Android device it opens immediately to Google Chrome and directs you to the page. On iOS it will send a push notification that you can use to open Google Chrome, which then pulls up the page. Android, however, still handles some URLs a little nicer than the iOS counterpart. For example, if you send a Google Maps link to an Android device it will open in the Maps app, whereas on iOS it just opens the Google Maps website which isn’t quite as nice.

If you’re like me you may see more devices listed than what you actually have. In my case it showed a new entry for each time I wiped/reset one of the devices. Eventually I figured out that it’s grabbing the list of devices from the Google Cloud Print site, which is where you can go to rename or delete any of the devices that appear in the list.

Chrome to Mobile Extension