Send Text Messages To Any Cell Phone For Free Using Google

Google has been introducing a lot of cool features that many people don’t even know exist. We try to get the word out so that everyday people will realize how Google can simplify their lives. One of the most recent features we found out about was sending text messages using Google. All you have to do is enter in the phone number to send it to, select the carrier, and then enter the message you want to send. This will eliminate any charges that you could normally incur from sending a message but the recipient may still get charged depending on whether they have a text messaging plan.

Send A Text Message Using Google

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  1. :lol: hey sexy!!!

  2. I never use this page but I was told I recieved a text on Sep. So who is this?

  3. I’m thoroughly confused…so what happened now?

  4. i don’t have a home phone but i need to send a text msg to a friends cell. how can i do this for free?

  5. You can use this Google service, and all you have to do is pick which cellphone carrier they have and enter in their phone number. The only problem is that you won’t be able to receive a text message.

  6. It appears Google has stopped offering this feature.

    The link you give above for “Send a Text message Using Google” gives the following page result:

    We’re sorry, but Send to SMS has been retired. You can continue to share web pages via email or blog using Send to Gmail or Send to Blogger.

  7. You can do the same thing using AOL instant messenger.


  8. it is the best

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