Jyngle is a new voice and text messaging service (in beta) that makes communicating with a group easy. It combines the latest mobile voice technology with online social networking to give you a rather useful and free service.  Jyngle is a product of  Brevient, a software development company focused on web-based business software.

Text Messages With Jyngle

This service is especially beneficial when you’re needing to get a message out to a group of people such as an entire baseball team or a group of co-workers to inform them of a meeting, game practice, etc. Registering for an account is simple and effortless.  If you have a .edu email address, you’ll be able to access a school networks (They have a good list of schools that are already available).

With this service, you are able to search for, create, and join groups for the activities you’re involved in. When creating a message, you can do it from the website or from the convenience of your phone. This is yet another service that makes it just a bit easier for those constantly on the go.  Jyngle launched on August 25. Since then they have been adding updates and enhancements to the service. If you’re needing to communicate with the masses, mobile messaging via Jyngle is a simple solution.