Side-By-Side Explorer Session Manager
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I’m going in and out of Windows Explorer all day since I have a bunch of files I’m always trying to manage. One of the nice things in Windows Vista is that you can add favorite folders and locations to the sidebar for fast access, but I don’t think anything is as fast as Side-by-Side Explorer.

The power of Side-by-Side Explorer lies within its System Tray icon. You can create sessions for Windows Explorer so that when they are executed they are immediately opened to a particular location. Not only that but it can be configured to open two Explorer windows simultaneously and place them side-by-side. Here’s everything it can do with the System Tray icon:

  • Click to open one centered Explorer.
  • Double-click to open a pair of side-by-side Explorers.
  • Use the Menu Builder to create custom Explorer configurations in the context menu.
  • Each session (single or side-by-side) has its own tray icon.
  • Click icon to hide or show session, independent of other windows on screen.
  • Make a side-by-side session out of two singles.

Side-by-Side Explorer Tray Icon

If you hardly use Windows Explorer I don’t think this will be very handy, but it should definitely appeal to some people. It does require a quick installation process before being able to use it, but it’s completely free and registration is optional.

Side-by-Side Explorer Homepage (for Windows 2000/Server/XP/Vista)
Kudos to the anonymous tipster for sending this one in!