Share clipboard images

I share a lot of screenshots and images with people, but there are all kinds of tools out there that try to make these tasks as simple as possible. Climsy is one of those apps. We’ve covered several clipboard utilities in the past, but this one serves a single purpose of uploading the images you’ve copied to either,, or your Dropbox account.

When Climsy detects that there is an image on your clipboard you’ll see the notification pictured in the screenshot above, and the image will be immediately uploaded to your designated service when you click the “share” button. Once the upload is done the notification window will display the URL to the image, and next to it will be a “copy to clipboard” button that will place the link on your clipboard. Then you can send the link to whomever needs to see what you captured.

Here’s a brief list of features highlighted by the Climsy developer:

  • Share your clipboard images over internet or network
  • Support for upload to, or Dropbox
  • Support for store images to local or network disk
  • Customizable image format (jpg or png) and image compression (jpg)
  • Easy drag’n’drop image to any software (for example Skype)
  • Lightweight application with minimal resources usage
  • Multilanguage support

Climsy is available as a portable application, and on my system it uses less than 1MB of memory. So you won’t even know its there except when you need it.

Climsy Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)