Share text images

When you are looking for a way to share content with friends there is a seemingly infinite number of ways you can do it. Another option you should add to your list is JustPaste.It. This website doesn’t require a login, and makes it really easy to share text, images, and even videos (but only videos uploaded to another site like YouTube).

One of the nice features tucked away in JustPaste.It is the ability to import notes from Microsoft Word or Open Office, which will even import and include any graphics found in the document. You can use the rich text editor to make any changes, or you can switch over to the HTML view if you want full control over the appearance of the page you’re creating.

The catch with JustPaste.It is that everything you post is public, and since the pages you create aren’t tied to any account they don’t provide a way for you to delete notes that you’ve posted. Keep that in mind before you throw something up there, but on the flip side this can get you some publicity since they also have a page listing out their most viewed notes.

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