Diff text

I came across an interesting site last week called Diffboard that lets you create and share text snippets with other users. It may sound a lot like Pastebin, but the thing Diffboard offers that Pastebin doesn’t is the ability for anyone to edit and view revisions of any text snippet. You can also view what changed between the notes which is a handy feature to have.

The downside to the service is that there is no way to secure who is actually able to edit the snippets, and since the URLs are merely incrementally assigned numbers it’s extremely easy to go and edit a snippet that anyone has created making it an easy culprit for spam. You can, of course, always view older revisions of notes but I could see it getting extremely annoying having the text publicly editable.

Hopefully down the road the site will at the very least add a secure URL mechanism that will only allow individuals you’ve shared the URL with to edit the snippets. That should at least get around a lot of the possible spam issues.

Diffboard Homepage