CyberNotes Free For All Friday

Tezaa, an online web service that is all about polls is described as a ‘community-driven knowledge base of opinions.’ With this service, people are able to create polls, and vote on a variety of topics from technology to sports. Tezaa is said to ‘aggregate public perception and opinions allowing everyone to benefit from information sharing.’

Ideally, Tezaa could be a very useful tool if you’re in a position that deals with the public and you need to know what the public wants, likes, or uses the most. However, for it to truly be effective, you need a random sample, and a large sample group. Currently, Tezaa is aggregating 15,202 opinions by 711 members. Many of the polls I took a look at had as few as 6 or 8 opinions, but were still listed under the ‘Most Popular’ on their web page. While the sample group is lacking in size right now, I can only imagine it will continue to grow thus giving more accurate, well rounded results to polls.


One of the features I like is the ability to search for a topic. I typed in ‘technology’ and it pulled up all of the topics tagged technology. This could be very helpful if you’re looking for results regarding a specific topic or product. After participating in a few polls, I noticed that your choices are always listed in the order of which answer is the most popular at the time with the highest percentage of results. This could possibly influence the poll results because they’re ordered from most popular to least popular before an opinion is made and the results are shown. This is one of the only minor flaws that I’ve come across while testing out several different polls.

With a Tezaa poll, you’re able to get code to enter on your website to display polls on a personal blog. If you decide you want to display polls on your site, you’re given a few choices. You can select the kind of polls you’d like such as the polls only created by you, or polls containing specific tags such as technology. You’re also able to select the look and feel of it with a few options that they give you for colors. After you’ve made your selections, you’re given a code (Java Script) to paste on your site. Pretty simple.

Ironically, one of the polls that I came across was ‘What would you like to see in Tezaa next?’ 27 people have provided their opinion, and out of those, 29% would like to see image polls, 25% would like user groups, and 14% would like some guidelines for better poll construction. While it is a small sample group, it seems that from this simple poll, Tezaa has been given some ideas of what their visitors would like to see- thus they will be able to cater to those needs. A few additional notes: Tezaa has an RSS feed so that you can get recent polls and recent comments. Additionally, they have a blog to keep everyone updated on the latest. Finally, if you’re pretty crazy about Tezaa, you can get a T-shirt with their logo proudly displayed. I believe that Tezaa could potentially become a great source of information to find out what it is that people want or need. As they grow and become more popular, the sample of population being polled will continue to rise, providing everyone with a better rounded result.