Shock 3D Virtual Desktop

We’ve got a treat for you if you’re a Windows user and you’ve been lusting over a sweet 3D Desktop. Shock 4Way is a free application that gives you four virtual desktops to work with. I wouldn’t say it is quite as good as the DeskSpace app, but it also doesn’t cost $20 to buy.

The screenshot above shows the 3D virtual desktop application in action, and here are some of the features it has to offer:

  • Screen Manager for dragging and dropping applications from one desktop to another
  • Blending option to give each of the desktops a transparent appearance
  • Rotate the cube horizontally by simply moving your mouse (there is no vertical rotation)
  • Assign a background image that appears behind the “cube”
  • Customize the hotkeys
  • System Tray icon for easy access to all available options

One of the things that I would like to see offered in this program is an easier way to move windows from one desktop to another. Right now you have to use the Screen Manager which is nice, but it would be better if I could drag a window to the edge of the desktop and have it move over.

Feel free to give it a shot though because there is a portable version available that requires no installation. You’ll probably keep it on your computer even if you don’t use it, because who doesn’t like to show this kind of stuff off to friends? :)

Shock 4Way 3D Virtual Desktop (for Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista)
Source: How-To Geek