unbundle apps.pngWhen it comes down to it, what most people want in an operating system is stability. They want something that works well out of the box, and they really don’t care too much about the extras that come with it because they can always download them at their convenience. In the case of Windows Vista, examples of extras would include things like Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Mail.

Do these extras really need to be shipped with the operating system? Microsoft thought so when Vista launched, but it looks as though they have re-thought the idea. Microsoft has confirmed that the next version of Windows will not ship with built-in programs including the three we mentioned above.

Our initial reaction to this change was definitely a good one. Since the launch of Windows Vista, there has been some confusion with the difference between the applications that come with Vista, and those that are available for download through Windows Live. For example, Vista ships with Windows Photo Gallery, yet one of the Live applications that people can download is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Installing the latter does not replace Windows Photo Gallery. This is where people get confused.

What does all of this mean for you? First of all, less confusion. Windows Vista general manager Brian Hall spoke to ZDNet and discussed the issue of confusion. He said in regards to the changes, that, “It makes it much cleaner.” There’s no need to have two different applications that offer nearly the same type of service to users. Less confusion for users is a great thing any day!

Microsoft is going to end-up taking the applications that they have removed and include them (we suspect) with their bundle of Windows Live Services. This means a user can download the group of Live services, and then choose which of them they want installed. This should certainly make things easier in the end. This also means that those applications could potentially get updated more frequently. To us, it’s a win-win situation.

Should Microsoft un-bundle applications from Windows to provide a cleaner, simpler operating system?