If you use eBay and Firefox frequently, you have an opportunity to get in on “Firefox Companion for eBay,” a new alpha test program.

Recently, eBay has made an effort to make advancements and improvements with their service while Firefox has been putting major effort into securing as much of the market as possible. They’re teaming up to offer both eBay and Firefox users the best of both worlds.

Back in March when the alpha version of Adobe Apollo was released, it was stated that eBay was working to take advantage of Apollo to bring in a better experience for their users, and a demo showed just what eBay was working on. It was nice to see that eBay was taking advantage of new technology that could make their user’s experience that much better. 

Firefox’s efforts have focused on teaming up with major companies.  Most recently, Firefox teamed up with Kodak to offer an image-sharing feature where users can drag and drop image files from their hard drives to the Firefox window, and then they can be published on Kodak’s gallery site.

The latest team-up between Firefox and eBay will be used to “help build a faster, safer auction experience,” and will help Firefox users manage auctions right from their browser.

Mozilla is definitely smart for joining with major companies to help promote Firefox. Both eBay and Kodak will end up promoting Firefox because it works well with their services. Non-Firefox users in turn will be enticed to try out Firefox to see how their favorite services work with it.

We’ve contacted Mozilla to get in on their reviewer’s program, and once we do we’ll give you an update on how this add-on/extension works.

If you’d like to sign up for the Firefox Companion for eBay alpha test program, click here.