Opera Mini DimensionThe next major upgrade to Opera Mini, code-named “Dimension,” is on the verge to being released to testers. Daniel from Opera Watch says that you have to be invited to be part of the Beta program and that you can be put on the list by providing your name and email address here.

He wasn’t able to say anything about what to expect in the new version of Opera Mini, but he did hint at a new way of navigating websites. Just to taunt us he had this to say about it:

I’ve been testing it for some time already, and have been truly impressed. Seeing what the tiny browser can do on my phone has blown me away.

In the Opera forum there is currently 16–pages of things people have been wanting to see in Opera Mini. I’ve been trying to think about what could be added to make navigating sites easier on phones. The first thing that popped into my head was voice navigation so that you can just say the name of a link to click on it. Then you could also command the browser to do things like opening a bookmark or scrolling down on the page. The Opera Desktop browser already has similar voice commands built-in, and something like this could make using the Opera Mini browser a lot easier.

That’s just my speculation, and I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement such a system on a mobile device. Most mobile devices have the microphone built-in, but the size of the application would probably be quite large if it included some sort of voice navigation.

So after you get done signing up for the Beta, feel free to leave a comment with your best guess as to what the new Opera Mini will have in store for us.