Windows Live Messenger Logo Are you a big fan of Windows Live Messenger 8? If you are then you can sign-up to test out version 8.1 Beta so that you might get to play with the latest software. It doesn’t look like anyone knows what is new but I suspect that it is just bug fixes.

You will have to complete this quick survey that will ask you questions like “Using beta software can potentially expose you to bugs that may harm your computer, including data loss. Knowing this, do you still want to participate in this beta?” If you don’t mind the risks that come with testing software then you can go ahead and put your name on the list.

You will have to sign-up to become a Microsoft Connect Member if you’re not already one. It only took me a minute to become a MS Connect Member and the survey was real quick. They will stop accepting requests August 29 so you better get goin’ on it!

News Source: LiveSide