I was just catching up on some news and over at Webware I noticed a service that they covered called SimplyHeadlines. It isn’t designed to be anything extravagant but it will deliver news right to your email Inbox. Huh, doesn’t sound that special though because there are already a ton of services that do that…right?

I agree that there are a countless number of sites that will email RSS feeds to you on a daily or weekly basis but SimplyHeadlines makes it, well, simple! Unfortunately they don’t allow you to subscribe to your own custom RSS feeds but The service does let you add your own custom feeds, as Chad pointed out below, and they also have an impressive list of built-in news sources that will probably interest you. When going through the initial setup process you choose what time of day you want to receive the email along with what particular news you would like to receive. The news selection was a little vague during the setup process but when everything was said and done I was able to customize things a little more to my liking. Here is what the page looks like where you pick your news sources:

SimplyHeadlines News Chooser

As you can see they don’t offer many different technology news sources which was a little disappointing but the special features undoubtedly make up for it. There you’ll be able to add things like local weather and even your Gmail Inbox.

I think the whole SimplyHeadlines concept is great and would be especially useful to print off and take with you to read while your on the bus or train to work. Best of all is that anyone can use the service without needing to know how things like RSS feeds work. So it might not be perfect for people who are power-hungry RSS feed readers but the less tech savvy people are sure to find this useful.

P.S. It is always possible to delete your account once it is created so you don’t really have much to lose.