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There’s a new way to express an idea to your readers, and it’s called Sketchcast. It’s essentially a YouTube for doodles or sketches, and you can draw with a mouse or a stylus (if your computer supports it). I’m not too sure what kind of real ideas can be conveyed using a mouse because it feels a lot like trying to draw things in Microsoft Paint, but if you have a Tablet PC I’m sure the results would be pretty awesome.

Creating a sketch is done completely in your browser, and there is a full screen mode available for easier drawing. Aside from that here are some of the other things I’ve noticed you can do:

  • Switch between a pen and an eraser
  • Insert a textbox
  • Adjust the color of the pen/textbox (wide array of colors available)
  • Choose from three different pen thicknesses
  • Record voice
  • Pause/Resume a recording

One thing that I would have liked to see incorporated into Sketchcast is the ability to add images. This might be fun for tracing photos, or simply for making some presentations a little bit easier. Of course there are plenty of talented artists out there that can create amazing drawings without tracing, but that’s definitely not me!

I don’t think that many bloggers are going to take the time to make sketches for their blogs, but I could be wrong. It just seems like a time consuming process to have to sit there and draw out the various points you’re trying to make. And did I mention that there are no video editing capabilities? If you make a mistake you’ll have to start over. *sigh*

Here’s a sample video on using Sketchcast:

Source: TechCrunch

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  1. This sounds… utterly pointless. Just because you add “cast” to something does not make it a way to share information. Surely if bloggers were currently that desperate to all put sketches on their site they would draw them in Paint and upload them? This sounds like something that would take real effort to manage to incorporate into a site.

  2. I remember seeing one person post a YouTube video where the whole thing was sketched out, but that was also planned out very well. It was also done on real paper and not some digital device so it was quite interesting to watch. I do have to agree that this seems pretty pointless, but maybe it will become more popular than we think? ;)

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