Flying around space and zooming in on over 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies is now possible thanks to Google. Their latest version of Google Earth (version 4.2) includes “Sky for Google Earth” which will allow users to “Explore the universe from the comfort of your chair,” as Google says.

I was pretty amazed when Google Earth originally came out, and now I simply can’t believe they’re taking us to the skies. The images that you’ll see in Sky are absolutely real. The New York Times reports that the images were stitched together from over one million photos from different scientific and academic sources like the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Hubble Telescope.

Google sky

While Google Earth is amazing, I’ve often wondered why Google has put so much time and effort into developing it when they’re really not making money from it. And now that they added Sky, it made me wonder even more. As it turns out, this project was done simply because some of their engineers were interested in it – they have no plans to make money from it.

Once you download Google Earth 4.2, just click the “sky button” or go to the “View” menu and click “Switch to sky.” From there, the Sky is all yours to explore via zooming, rotating, and panning. You can also use your scroll wheel on your mouse and your keyboard to navigate, as you were able to do previously with Google Earth. Below is a video from Google that explains further how to use Sky for Google Earth.

Thanks Google! There will be thousands who enjoy this…

Download Google Earth Version 4.2