SkyDrive Storage The thing that I don’t always get with Microsoft is that when they do something right, they don’t go all out. Their Windows Live SkyDrive is definitely one of the best file storage services available because of its powerful and easy-to-mange online interface, but it is very much lacking in storage size.

I mean come on, they just doubled the storage limit and are only at 1GB? I can’t even back up my documents which weigh in at 1.75GB, and it therefore makes the service a bit useless for me.

When you put them up against the competition they don’t fair very well. Xdrive (owned by AOL) is offering users 5GB of storage for free, Mozy hooks you up with 2GB, and Carbonite will give you unlimited storage for just $50 per year. I would want at least 2GB of storage before jumping on the SkyDrive bandwagon, but 5GB would make using it a bit more comfortable.

Aside from the storage upgrade the SkyDrive team also added a few new features:

  • RSS feeds for public folders – receive updates whenever a folder is updated
  • Integrated address book – add contacts from within SkyDrive
  • Upload identification – shows who has uploaded each file

So come on Microsoft, double the storage a few more times. ;)

Windows Live SkyDrive Homepage
Source: SkyDrive Blog