Skype 3 Beta The new Skype 3 Beta was just released and is available for download. I have never really been a Skype user myself but I was curious what the new interface looked like so I downloaded it and got it installed.

It is hard for me to notice exactly what has changed because I have never installed Skype before but the setup process was incredibly easy. For the less advanced users you could run the file that you downloaded and just click the install button without going through all of those options screens. If you want to change some things around before installing Skype just click on the Options button in the bottom left corner and it will let you customize the installation.

I have seen the old interface and this one looks to be a lot nicer. It is much more condensed compared to Skype 2.5 which is definitely something most people love. Here is a list of the other features taken from the changelog:

  • known issue: call quality in video call can be low
  • known issue: http/socks proxy connections do not work
  • feature: Public chatrooms
  • feature: Extras Manager
  • feature: Sound Settings Widget
  • change: UI redesigned
  • change: Improved Video device detection
  • change: New Languages

Before installing the Beta version you should note those two known issues above. If you think those could prove to be an issue then you should probably not install the software.

Skype seems to be very well developed but I am a big fan of the call quality that Google Talk has. It is typically crystal clear when I am making PC-to-PC calls but I may have to give Skype a try.

Download Skype 3 Beta