Skype 3 Moments ago Skype made two big announcements that will surely satisfy all Skype users. First off, and probably the biggest, is that their new Skype 3 has been released. According the the release notes here are the new features and changes:

  • Features:
    • Public chatrooms
    • Extras Manager
    • Sound Settings Widget
    • Rich Mood Messages
    • Connection Wizard
  • Changes:
    • Video quality improvements on low bitrate (128 kbit upload links)
    • Updated Extras Manager
    • Updated Internet Explorer and FireFox plugins
    • UI redesigned
    • Improved Video device detection
    • New Language files
    • New button for ‘leave’ in chat window
    • Do More Menu’ active even when Extras Manager not running
    • Updated all translations
    • Extras Manager updated

Besides for those new features and changes there are also a ton of bug fixes, but the list would have been way too long if I tried to list those. I still haven’t brought myself to try out Skype even with the new version but I have heard a lot of good things about it. I just don’t know anyone who uses it that I could chat with and Google Talk seems to get the job done for me.

Over the past year Skype users have had the joy of free outgoing calls from your PC to any landline phone in the United States and Canada. I can’t even count how many people I have heard rave about the greatness of that feature, but with the new year quickly approaching you will have to start paying for that service. To help ease the pain of the cost Skype is offering the unlimited outgoing calls package for just $14.95 for one year of the service which is 50% off their normal price (offer good until January 31, 2007).

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News Source: Official Skype Blog (here and here)