SkypefindToday Skype announced their latest version of Skype for Windows. It’s a beta version, and according to the announcement, you should expect a few bugs here and there.  The download can be found here.Probably the biggest addition to this beta is their new feature called SkypeFind, a listing of business and recommendations.

Essentially it’s like another local directory with reviews and comments that are contributed by people who use Skype. Speaking to GigaOm, Sten Tamkivi – General Manager of E-commerce says:

“Recommendations from people on your Skype contact list will “bubble up” to the top of SkypeFind lists.  It will be influenced by the people you already trust.”

Skype users will be able to add and edit the listings, but also leave comments in them, with one comment permitted from each user per listing. The entire system places all of the work into the hands of Skype users. 

According to Skype executives, they say that this is a “natural next step.” But, it almost seems like they’re getting in on the “local listings’ a little bit late.  Google and Yahoo have their local services, but then there’s also services like Yelp which offer comprehensive guides as well.

There are already several hundred listings available, and you can expect that once word gets around, it will continue to get more. Hopefully Skype users will find enough value in it to contribute to it, and use it.