skype unlimited world Regularly making phone calls Internationally can get pretty darn pricey these days! Coming to the rescue of those callers is Skype who today, just announced new unlimited calling plans to overseas phones for an extremely reasonable price. When I say reasonable, it’ll only cost $9.95 per month to make a phone call to 34 different countries around the World. You really can’t beat that price, can you?

Countries included with this new “Unlimited World” calling plan include most of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Malaysia (view the full list here). What’s nice is that users will be able to call the landline phones of friends and family for that price. So for example, I (living in the United States) can call the land line of my cousin living in the United Kingdom  or the landline of my friend living in Portugal and talk to them for as long as I want in a month’s time for $9.95. Crazy, isn’t it?

Worth pointing out is that their “unlimited calling” isn’t actually unlimited. They’ll give you up to 10,000 minutes, but who really needs more than 10,000 minutes in a month? Because there are no long term contracts, this ought to be a really enticing option for people who call overseas frequently.

Overall, people still use Skype the most for calls made from one computer to another. In the first three months of this year alone, users called phones for around 1.7 billion minutes. On the other hand, over 14 billion minutes were used from those making computer-to-computer calls. This new Unlimited World plan may change that and we’ll see more people calling landline phones over the next coming months.

Source: AP