Skype Protocol Gets Hacked

It looks like Skype could be in some trouble even though they don’t seem to admit it. A third party has supposedly reverse engineered the Skype protocol which allows them to place calls using the Skype servers but they are able to use their own software. Here is how the Skype-like software handled itself and the future plans that they have:

The first time we talked there was a noticeable echo on my end. The second time the voice quality was good ol’ Skype crystal clear. At present they only support placing Skype peer-to-peer phone calls and they have not yet implemented presence. They have plans to add presence, instant messaging, and a host of other features. Their end goal is to create a client 100% compatible with Skype.

Judging from the list of features that they plan to incorporate it doesn’t look like they will be stopping anytime soon. This client could even be available to the public sometime this month! So how will Skype handle this?

Some people are saying that they should just open up the protocol so that other people could build off of Skype, which could help them widen their user base even more. If they open up the protocol then they don’t have to worry about people misusing it because they can add their own limits and boundaries which could save them a lot of grief. People looking to integrate Skype into their own applications may begin using the reverse-engineered protocol if Skype does not open their doors first. It is all about timing.

Now, I know that eBay owns Skype and everything but isn’t this the type of problem that we are used to hearing about with PayPal? I mean PayPal and hackers are almost synonyms and it looks like we are throwing Skype into that list.

Thanks Max!