skype 100 billion minutes An announcement over at the Skype blog on February 13th almost went unnoticed. Skype’s Villu Arak wrote up a post a week ago and mentioned how 100 billion humans have walked on this planet and the human brain has 100 billion neurons. What does Skype have in common with those two facts? The number 100 billion. That’s how many Skype-to-Skype free minutes have been used among Skype users over time. 100 billion minutes is a pretty big accomplishment for Skype, and to think, we almost missed it.

It’s taken about 4 1/2 years for them to get to this number. Some of you probably remember when the first public beta version was released in August of 2003. Since then they’ve had some major events like when they were bought by eBay, and more recently and the end of 2007, they hit 276.3 million accounts.

In the announcement, Arak said, “This figure is so mind-numbinly large that it’s nigh impossible to wrap my head around it.” He also thanked everybody for helping them get to where they are. Not being a Skype user myself, I didn’t contribute to any of those 100 billion minutes, but I’m sure some of you did! Are any of you regular Skype users?

Source: TechCrunch