Skype, the internet communication giant has released three new toolbars for Office, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird to help make calling easier and more convenient. They have also announced upgrades for two existing toolbars, one for Internet Explorer, and the other for Firefox.

The toolbars make calling a number in a Microsoft Office document, e-mail, or web page easy with just one click. The toolbars will recognize phone numbers within a page or document and allow users to initiate calls. Users can also send instant messages and transfer files. Skype gives this example of how it might be used: “In a business environment, Skype toolbars can be used to streamline the editing or approval process. If a user receives an email about a collaborative project, that user can see the online status of their colleagues and initiate a conference call or multichat with them instead of continuing the email thread.”

As for downloading the toolbar, it’s free. Internet Explorer and Firefox toolbars can be found here. Skype e-mail toolbars (for Outlook and Thunderbird) can be downloaded here, and Microsoft Office toolbars can be downloaded here. According to Skype, these toolbars are compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, and Internet Explorer including the 7.0 beta.

We last wrote about Skype when they released a video-compatible version for Mac users. Skype has been doing a lot to make sure their product is easier and more compatible for all to use. The new toolbars and the upgrades for Internet Explorer and Firefox are proof of this. It seems as though maybe the description ‘internet communication giant’ may one day be an understatement.