myspace with skype Yesterday, VoIP service Skype took a minute to point out on their site that they had just reached a major milestone by servicing 10 million simultaneous users. On the announcement they talked about previous milestones and how it was just three years ago on October 20, 2004 that they celebrated one million simultaneous users. Three short years later and they’ve gained an additional 9 million users. While Skype has been criticized recently and told that they weren’t such a great buy for eBay, 10 million simultaneous users is certainly something that they should be proud of, and the are.

This big milestone came shortly after the announcement that Skype is hooking up with MySpace to provide an integrated Skype service in MySpace IM. The one click calling which will be free for users is likely to be welcomed by the 110 million monthly MySpace users.  No download from Skype will be required to use the service, but users will have to wait until a new version of the IM client called MySpaceIM with Skype is released sometime in November. If users want  to make calls to and from land lines and mobile phones, they will have to pay.

According to GigaOm, this new service will be available in 20 countries and will likely benefit both sides.  Om Malik says, “The new client will give a big boost to both communities and is a net positive for both Skype and MySpace,” and I agree. I don’t think either party has anything to lose out of teaming up. This move will certainly help Skype reach new milestones once MySpacer’s start using the service, and now it leaves me wondering when Facebook is going to try and sweep up a VoIP service so that they can offer something similar?