The number of people who use Internet calling services such as Skype are increasing, and along with it, the accessories are too.  For example,  Logitech now has an “Easy Call Desktop” cordless keyboard and mouse option which was designed for those who use the Internet to place phone calls.  The EasyCall Desktop makes it just a bit easier to use services such as Skype because it has an integrated speakerphone, and a headset included to give the convenient hands-free conversation.

The Logitech version will cost around $129.99 and has all of the standard features including the programmable hot buttons.  Along with supporting Skype, it also supports AIM and Yahoo Messenger services with voice (it appears they’re working on the Windows Live Messenger support).

Even Skype has a section on their website dedicated to purchasing products to enhance Skype such as phones, headphones, even a mobile wi-fi phone that would work on any wi-fi network (this product not available yet, only pre-order).

Skype is certainly changing the way that people communicate over the Internet.  You can bet we’ll continue to see the accessories designed to cater to the  online communication business.