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Omar tipped me off yesterday to a rather amazing presentation creator currently in private Beta called SlideRocket. It’s completely Flash-based, and the interface I would say is one of the best out of all the competing products.

I tinkered around with it for quite awhile, and I was impressed with the number of features it includes. Not only can you upload media such as pictures and videos, but you can also search online sites such as Flickr and Yahoo for media to add to your presentation. Other standard items like charts, shapes, and tables can also be added.

There is also a plugin system that I think will really help attract users. In a few clicks you can search and add a famous quote, word definition, or Yahoo map to a presentation without ever leaving SlideRocket. It’s still quite limited at this point, but if they build up the number of plugins it would become a very attractive service.

The thing that I enjoyed the most, however, would have to be the varying slide transitions that are available. I’ve embedded one of their presentations below so that you can see what I’m talking about:

There is just one problem…there are too many of these darn online office applications out there! At this point SlideRocket isn’t even publicly available, and it won’t be until this summer. If I start creating all of my presentations with them how do I know that they’ll be here tomorrow? I guess you don’t really know that with any of the online alternatives out there, but there’s a little more reassurance when using Google Docs or Zoho since they have become well established in their field.

My inquiring mind is now wondering that if a better online office suite emerges are you less inclined to use it if it’s not coming from someone that is well established?

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