I know that some of you have been patiently awaiting for a Windows version of the Slife computer usage analyzer. Back in June we wrote up a quick review of the Mac version, and at the time a Windows version was in the works. About two weeks ago the Slife team announced on their blog that the Windows version of the application will be available “within a few weeks,” which means it could hit the streets any day now.

This is a pretty big deal because the application will let both Windows and Mac users track their computer usage for free. You can see things like what applications you use the most, when you use them, and much more. That data can then be used to try and optimize your time, or you can have the program alert you when you’ve used a specific app more than an allotted amount of time.

So the Windows version isn’t available yet, but keep your eyes peeled because it could be here any day now.

Thanks for the tip Matt!