Page load speed test

There are some great tools out there for testing a website’s performance including Web Page Test, Stella, and WatchMouse. Those are the three that I regularly find myself using, but the website monitoring service Pingdom recently updated their Full Page Test tool blowing many others out of the water.

The new interface they have is beautifully designed, which helps in understanding the data they are presenting to you. When you begin navigating through the various sections you’ll find a full waterfall view that lets you know how long each individual request on the site took, and you can even see a page analysis to help serve as an overview of all those requests.

Then you can flip over to the performance grade to get an idea of which areas on your site could use the most improvement. Expanding any of the sections will list out the requests that go against that particular rule, and towards the bottom they provide a link referencing what you can do to resolve the issues.

There are also some settings you can choose from before you initiate a test. One setting lets you decide whether the results of the test should be saved and made public, and the other is the location of the server running the test (Netherlands, New York, or Texas).

Pingdom Full Page Test Homepage