Thumbnail Generator Freeware is always my favorite kind of software and that is what I try to write about the most. There aren’t any nag screens, trial periods, or anything that you have to worry about…just download, install, and run. The other great thing about freeware is that they typically keep your computer pretty clean by containing their preferences and settings in a single folder, instead of adding keys to the registry that will never get uninstalled properly.

There are all kinds of sites that I have come across that offer great lists of freeware but is a little unique. Just like the name implies the site is dedicated to making it easy to find the software you’re looking for while minimizing the amount of hard drive space that the applications use. Most of the programs that I have seen on there are under 1MB in download size and after installation they will probably occupy around 1MB to 2MB of hard drive space. That’s virtually nothing compared to some of the bloated software we’re used to!

Flipping through some of their categories will reveal some interesting software that you have probably never heard of, with everything from file renaming applications to media players. For each program they list the filesize along with a brief description so that you can figure out if it is right for you. Also, if you look for the little computer icon at the end of the description that means you can click on that icon and it will show you a screenshot.

Mac users are also in luck because they have a category that contains some tiny applications just for the Apple computers. Pocket PC users aren’t quite so lucky but Palm users may find the small list of software useful as well.

TinyApps Homepage

Note: The software that is pictured above is the Easy Thumbnail generator that I found in the Graphics Category.