I said my good-riddance to Snap Previews  when I realized that there was a way to disable them. That was just a few weeks ago, and shortly after, Snap added a few enhancements that make them much more tolerable. Thankfully, they listened to the feedback that they were getting, and with that were able to come up with options for when to trigger the Snap Preview.


They’ve added an icon so that everyone will know to expect a snap preview, and with that they’ve provided three stages that can be selected by publishers to trigger the previews.  They are:

  1. Link only
  2. Link + Icon
  3. Icon only

SnappreviewdisableI came across one site which uses the icon only. When I hovered over a link, no annoying pop-ups. The only time the preview appeared was after I hovered my mouse over the snap icon. Ahhh… much better!

Now, if by chance you still don’t want those snap previews, there’s an even easier way of disabling them than the way I mentioned before. All you have to do is hover over a link where a Snap preview will pop-up.  Within the preview at the top you’ll notice “Options.” Click on that, and you’ll have the choice to disable the preview for the site you’re currently on, or for all sites.  You’ll also have the option to set a delay time from the normal 1/2 second, to a long 1 minute, to a short 1/4 second.