You might remember the freeware application Pitaschio that we covered last year which includes a “snap to windows” feature that I really love. Basically how it works is when you’re dragging a window around the screen it detects when you’re near another window based on a tolerance you specify. It would then snap the two windows together so that they line up perfectly.

There’s another freeware utility called allSnap that does something similar, but has a lot more options geared towards that one particular feature. You can set a toggle key that will disable the “snap to window,” and there are a variety of different items you can have windows snap to:


Being able to snap windows to each other is either a feature you’ll either love or hate. For some people it will be annoying, but others will enjoy being able to cleanly organize multiple windows on the desktop.

This is a Windows-only application, and there is also a 64-bit version available for testing. It does require a brief installation before being able to use it.

allSnap [via Ghacks]